Corneal Tissue Addition for Keratoconus (CTAK)

Preserved corneal tissue inlay

We are currently enrolling patients in a clinical study looking at a new surgical method to treat keratoconus, called CTAK (#NCT02649738,

This a procedure in which a small disc of preserved corneal tissue obtained from the eye bank is placed within your own cornea. The goal is to increase the thickness of the cornea (which thins in keratoconus) and to decrease the irregularity of the keratoconic cornea.

By doing this, we hope to improve your glasses corrected vision and/or fit of a contact lens. It may also allow other procedures to treat keratoconus in the future.

In the September, 2017 edition of EyeWorld, Dr. Hersh was interviewed on this exciting new treatment option, Corneal Tissue Addition for Keratoconus (CTAK).

This study is open to patients who have keratoconus and are at least 18 years of age. Please contact for a full list of qualifications. An evaluation would be needed to see if this clinical trial may benefit you.

CTAK image
Before (left) and after (right) CTAK tissue implantation
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