Is Contact Lens Wear Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Here at The Cornea and Laser Eye Institute and CLEI Center for Keratoconus we remain dedicated to our patients during this challenging time. Many people want to know; is contact wear safe during COVID-19? 

Currently, there is much to learn about COVID-19. We know that transmission of COVID-19 can be made by touching an infected surface and then touching your eyes or face.  With this in mind, it is a good time to review best practices for contact lens disinfection. These are not only relevant to lens wear during the pandemic but should be practiced as a matter of good hygiene.  

  1. It is important to thoroughly wash your hands prior to handling your contact lenses. Use soaps that do not contain moisturizers, as moisturizing agents can damage the surface of your contact lenses resulting in poor contact lens wetting. The World Health Organization created the following video about proper handwashing technique:
  2. Continue to use the contact lens solutions and cleaning routine we have prescribed. Remember solutions should be completely discarded from the contact lens case on a daily basis. Do not add to or “top off” the solution in your contact lens case. 
  3. During this time it would be prudent to recommend that contact lens cases, as well as contact lens application and removal devices (aka plungers, suction cups, DMVs, etc.), be cleaned on a daily basis. The use of alcohol wipes or hot water and soap is sufficient, then allow the case to air dry. 

For patients who are capable of achieving adequate vision with glasses, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends for you to “consider wearing glasses more often, especially if you tend to touch your eyes a lot when your contacts are in.”

However many of the patients who we care for, contact lens wear is a necessity. For patients with keratoconus or other irregular corneal conditions, vision with glasses may not be functional. For those with severe dry eyes or other forms of ocular surface diseases, contact lens wear is essential to protect and heal the eye. In general, proper lens handling and disinfection routines are always important but even more so today. 

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Rest assured that we remain open to attend all your needs.  

Wishing you good health, 

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