Dr. Peter Hersh presents at The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Dr. Hersh presented several lectures at the ASCRS symposium in Chicago this past weekend. On Thursday evening, he presented the results of a clinical study looking at the use of intacs in conjuction with corneal collagen crosslinking (CXL) on the treatment of keratoconus and corneal ectasia. On Saturday morning he led the EyeWorld symposium on new advancements on crosslinking where he reviewed the results of the US clinical trials of CXL for keratoconus and corneal ectasia. Saturday afternoon, he gave a course with other investigators in the United States to teach attending ophthalmologists the crosslinking procedure and to review the clinical expectations for those who are just starting to perform crosslinking. At the Monday morning symposium on keratoconus, he discussed the results and patient selection on CXL. All in all, it was a very successful and educational meeting!

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