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LASIK Self-Evulation Test

Seeking LASIK eye surgery in New Jersey? Find out if you are a LASIK candidate by taking this simple test.

LASIK Self-Evulation Test

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If you have any questions regarding LASIK or vision correction options please fill out the contact form below and Dr. Hersh will be happy to review your questions.

Hear From Our Patients LASIK

"Dr. Hersh and his staff were excellent. I would recommend the Cornea and Laser Eye Institute to anyone."

Luke Petitgout, Pro Athlete
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Hear From Our Patients LASIK

Welcome To The Cornea And Laser Eye Institute

New KAMRA procedure for reading vision now available - 

The Cornea and Laser Eye Institute - Hersh Vision Group is one of the premier LASIK laser vision correction practices in the United States, and its CLEI Center for Keratoconus is a uniquely respected national cornea and keratoconus subspecialty practice. At CLEI, Dr. Hersh and our staff give our patients the four elements most important in choosing a LASIK surgeon - the best education and training, unsurpassed depth and breadth of experience, the most advanced technology, and focused dedication to the field... this is all we do. Having played a central role in the original FDA-approval LASIK laser study now over 15 years ago, today we are pleased to continue offering the best in vision correction surgery including All Laser Wavelight LASIK, Intralase LASIK, Intacs for Keratoconus, Near Vision CK, LASIK to improve reading vision, corneal inlays, intraocular lens implants for nearsightedness, laser-assisted corneal transplants, and other state-of-the-art eye surgery procedures to our patients.

Peter S. Hersh, M.D. - a graduate of Princeton University, Johns Hopkins Medical School, and Harvard Medical School's ophthalmology residency and corneal surgery fellowship programs - is involved in all aspects of your LASIK and vision correction surgery, from case analysis... to surgery... to post-op care. At the Cornea and Laser Eye Institute - Hersh Vision Group, we are dedicated to offering the full range of treatment options for patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and keratoconus in the most highly professional setting. Our goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for your vision - our success is measured by an immaculate track record of optimum LASIK and corneal surgery results and, most importantly, a better quality of life for our patients.

The Cornea and Laser Eye Institute is located in Teaneck, New Jersey, an easy commute from Paramus, Morristown, and Princeton, New Jersey, and is a popular LASIK destination for LASIK NJ patients in Manhattan, New York City, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.


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LASIK - Laser Eye Surgery New Jersey

If you are seeking LASIK in New Jersey call us today to get the answers you have been seeking. We offer free LASIK consultations so that our patients can make informed decisions from experienced professionals. The Cornea and Laser Eye Institute - Hersh Vision Group offers other numerous vision correction options: Custom LASIK, Wavelight LASIK and LASEK, PRK, All laser LASIK with IntraLase™, INTACS™, and NearVision CK.

LASIK - Laser Eye Surgery

The Most Advanced LASIK Technology

For those of you considering LASIK eye surgery the recent advancements in technology have made lasik a better, more effective procedure. For a complete understanding of our blade-free LASIK platform with Advanced Wavelight Technology please see our NEW page on IntraLase. LASIK eye surgery customized for you!

LASIK Technology


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