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On February 4, 2000 Dr. Peter Hersh performed LASIK surgery on my deeply nearsighted eyes (-11, -10) and changed the course of my life forever. I became a commercial helicopter pilot, learned to enjoy several sports (baseballs used to hit me in the head because I couldnt see them coming!), and developed a confidence that facilitated my starting a business that became highly successful. Twenty-one years later the gratitude is still palpable. Dr. Hersh and his team at the Cornea and Laser Eye Institute changed my life forever in a significantly positive way. I recommend them highly, and without reservation.


Getting Lasik was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Waking up and being able to see with perfect vision is revolutionary. Dr. Greenstein has the best bedside manners. He walked me through the process step by step, making the process so much more calming! I recommend everyone to go to The Cornea & Laser Eye Institute as they have done an amazing job on my eyes and I know they will give that same care to each and everyone of their patients.


excellent experience having crosslinking done on several family members. Dr. Greenstein is always patient and professional and does everything to ensure safety and health of the patient.


Dr Hersh did my first corneal transplant. It's still a wonder and whenever anyone looks at my eye they appreciate the craft and skill. More recently, I've been seeing Dr Gelles for correction: he's exceptional. His demeanor is perfect, especially for a challenging case like mine. He also manages to balance being incredibly thoughtful, thorough, while not being pedantic. I walk away feeling spoken with not spoken to, I walk away feeling confident not confused. I tend to enter the office with some anxiety based on a worsening or changing eye condition or experience; but after 30-60 minutes with Dr Gelles I simply feel better; and also, equipped with a plan forward. Never rushed. But still always efficiently served. If I could find a Dr like Dr Gelles for every condition or treatment I require, I'd take 'em, and twice on Tuesdays.

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Cornea & Laser Eye Institute
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Picture of man with Doctor

Thank you so much Doc! When I first came to you I was 20/50 now I'm 20/10. I'm ready to have a great year!

Randy Foye
Pro Athlete, Utah Jazz #8
Female Boxer

My experience at The Cornea and Laser Eye Institute has been amazing. All of the staff have been helpful and courteous...

Phd Student, MMA fighter
Man with Doctor

Dr. Hersh and his staff were excellent. I was comfortable from the time I walked in until the time I left after the procedure.

Luke Petitgout
Pro Athlete, New York Giants Football