Corneal Disease

Corneal Diseases & Keratoconus

Here at the Cornea and Laser Eye Institute – Hersh Vision Group, we are especially proud of the development and expansion of our corneal rehabilitation unit. Here we direct our efforts at restoring sight in post-operative, post-traumatic and diseased corneas. Of special interest and attention are those patients who have keratoconus (KC). Keratoconus, a disease of the cornea, occurs in the overall population at a rate of about one in 2000. The disease results in thinning of the corneal tissues. Consequently, the cornea bulges out of its smooth, clear, dome-like structure, and assumes a more conical and roughened configuration. Because of this change in shape, the cornea loses its ability to form a clear image in the eye and the patient’s vision drops drastically.

Keratoconus Corneal Diseases

While over the years it was common practice to transplant corneas with keratoconus, this is no longer the case. Using highly evolved keratoconus contact lenses and specialized fitting techniques, we have found that fully 90% of KC sufferers can have their vision markedly improved. Furthermore, the recent FDA approval of Intacs for keratoconus gives another useful option for patients.

The CLEI Center for Keratoconus has been expanding its abilities in this area and has become one of the nation’s best KC facilities. We have a staff of highly skilled doctors, as well as a world renown corneal surgeon, highly trained ophthalmic technicians, and a resident staff. Our equipment comprises all contemporary technologies for corneal evaluation including a number of computerized corneal topographers (corneal mapping devices) as well as the newest state-of-the-art OrbScan corneal mapping unit.

We have a complete and comprehensive array of keratoconic contact lenses and all newest state-of-the-art developments including the latest scleral contact lens innovations. We maintain close ties with our contact lens laboratories and manufacturers to remain abreast of new advances in cone lens design and to proceed with our own keratoconus lens research. We also enjoy a productive and ongoing relationship with national KC research groups and we run our own KC support groups and offer lectures for patients with this disease.

Our results have been rather good and both doctors and patients can take heart and anticipate ever improving visual outcomes.

For more information visit the National KC Foundation web site.


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Thank you so much Doc! When I first came to you I was 20/50 now I'm 20/10. I'm ready to have a great year!

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My experience at The Cornea and Laser Eye Institute has been amazing. All of the staff have been helpful and courteous...

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Dr. Hersh and his staff were excellent. I was comfortable from the time I walked in until the time I left after the procedure.

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