John Gelles, OD

John Gelles
Dr. John Gelles is a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and has a strong background in contact lenses, keratoconus, and refractive surgery. Through his education and experience he has become uniquely skilled in the areas of irregular corneas and corneal disease (specifically keratoconus and ectasia), dry eye and ocular surface disease, management of patients having LASIK, therapeutic and visually rehabilitative contact lenses and specialty contact lenses. He works extensively with all varieties of contact lenses and in particular scleral and prosthetic lenses as part of the comprehensive management and co-management of keratoconus, severe dry eye and ocular surface disease, and irregular and post surgical corneal conditions.
Dr. Gelles utilizes the most advanced contact lenses that technology can offer, some of which are so advanced only 20 practitioners are trained to fit them worldwide and are only available at the top institutes in the country; others he personally designs through specialized computer aided design programs. This allows him to create lenses unique to you and your needs. He is the only EyePrintPRO™ provider in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. Additionally he is clinical investigator for various studies and clinical trials and consults with multiple different technology and ophthalmic companies on various products and treatments. His expertise in contact lenses has allowed him to achieve and continue achieving fellowship status with various academies and societies and he teaches and consults for other doctors, residents, and students on how to successfully fit and manage complex contact lens cases.
Dr. Gelles’ passion is to aid individuals affected by complex corneal and ocular surface diseases (such as keratoconus and severe dry eye) though the utilization of advanced contact lenses, treatments, and therapies in order to improve your quality of life. “My goal is to provide an unmatched level of care to ensure the best possible outcomes and ongoing care for individuals with complex corneal and ocular surface conditions. Utilizing the most advanced equipment and latest treatments available here at the Cornea and Laser Eye Institute will ensure the best outcomes are not only achieved but also maintained.”

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Thank you so much Doc! When I first came to you I was 20/50 now I'm 20/10. I'm ready to have a great year!

Randy Foye
Pro Athlete, Utah Jazz #8

My experience at The Cornea and Laser Eye Institute has been amazing. All of the staff have been helpful and courteous...

Phd Student, MMA fighter

Dr. Hersh and his staff were excellent. I was comfortable from the time I walked in until the time I left after the procedure.

Luke Petitgout
Pro Athlete, New York Giants Football