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LASIk Self-Evaluation Test

Seeking LASIK eye surgery in New Jersey? Find out if you are a LASIK candidate by taking this simple test.

LASIk Self-Evaluation Test

Ask Dr. Hersh

If you have any questions regarding LASIK or vision correction options please fill out the contact form below and Dr. Hersh will be happy to review your questions.

Hear From Our Patients LASIK

"Dr. Hersh and his staff were excellent. I would recommend the Cornea and Laser Eye Institute to anyone."

Luke Petitgout, Pro Athlete
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Hear From Our Patients LASIK

LASIK Laser Eye Surgery New Jersey

If you are seeking LASIK in New Jersey call us today to get the answers you have been seeking. We offer LASIK consultations so that our patients can make informed decisions from experienced professionals. The Cornea and Laser Eye Institute - Hersh Vision Group offers other numerous vision correction options: Custom LASIK, Wavelight LASIK and LASEK, PRK, All laser LASIK with IntraLASE™, and NearVision CK.


The Most Advanced LASIK Technology

For those of you considering LASIK eye surgery the recent advancements in technology have made lasik a better, more effective procedure. For a complete understanding of our blade-free LASIK platform with Advanced Wavelight Technology please see our NEW page on IntraLase. LASIK eye surgery customized for you!

LASIK Technology

Refractive Errors


Understanding Your Vision

The most common impairment of vision is caused by errors in refraction (or focus). Refraction occurs when light enters the eye through the cornea and lens. Refractive errors result when light rays do not come to a focus on the retina, causing the conditions of myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism.

Today, experts at the Cornea and Laser Eye Institute - Hersh Vision Group can diagnose and treat refractive errors and corneal disorders using sophisticated equipment and advanced procedures.

There are three available methods to help correct refractive errors. The first two use lenses to redirect the incoming light to focus and include glasses and contact lenses. The third is an excimer laser refractive procedure such as LASIK or LASEK/PRK which can reshape the cornea to better focus incoming light.

The patient who is completely satisfied with glasses or contact lenses may not choose a refractive procedure. These procedures are designed to decrease dependency on glasses and contact lenses for those people who have trouble with them, or feel they would benefit in their daily activities by having less dependency on glasses or contacts.

1. Nearsightedness (myopia)

A nearsighted patient cannot see clearly at a distance. This results from light being focused before it reaches the retina. Therefore, images are unfocused.

Treatment alternatives:

LASIK (Laser in situ keratomileusis)

PRK/LASEK (Photorefractive keratectomy/epithelial LASIK)

2. Astigmatism

With astigmatism, the cornea is football shaped, not round. This leads to images being unfocused.

Treatment alternatives:



Intacs for keratoconus

3. Farsightedness (hyperopia)

A farsighted patient can see clearly at a distance, but cannot see images that are near. This results from light not being focused strongly enough to form a clear image on the retina.

Treatment alternatives:



4. Presbyopia

After about 40 years of age, the lens of the eye cannot focus strongly for closeup vision and reading glasses become necessary. This occurs at earlier ages in patients who are farsighted.

Treatment alternatives:

Near Vision CK


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